Rudraksha is a large evergreen broad-leaved tree whose seed is traditionally used for prayer beads in Hinduism. Rudraksha beads are the material from which malas (108 beads in number) are made. A Rudraksha is a rosary, used for repetitive prayer japa), a common aid to worship in Hinduism. Rudrakshas is also used for the treatment of various diseases in traditional Indian medicine. Rudraksha is for self-empowerment and for bringing about positive changes from within. It has been generally found that people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, stomach disorders, stress, arthritis and fear get beneficial results by wearing Rudraksha. Even disorders like asthma, insomnia and hypertension get cured or controlled by wearing rudraksha alone in some cases and along with fundamental natural therapies or herbal treatments in other cases. offers Rudraksha from India, Nepal and Indonesian Origin.

One Face Rudraksha (One Mukhi Rudraksha):
One face Rudraksha bestows happiness and revival from the miseries arising from loss of wealth. Prosperity or richness, luck, fortunes grow wherever it is venerated in House or put on in the body in the form of necklace. All forms of ill-effects related to wealth are dispelled.

One Face Rudraksha (Round):
One Mukhi Round Rudraksha offers worldly pleasures and salvation and therefore has a unique place among all the Rudrakshas. It gives leadership qualities and skills to cope with stressful situations and hence is a preferred choice for those who assume leadership roles or head any organisation.

Two Face Rudraksha (Two Mukhi Rudraksha):
This Rudraksha is useful for good family life, good relationships with all people and to get married. It brings unity of all kinds- between freinds, husband and wife, father and son, buyer and seller. It is used for material gains as well as to attain nirvana and moksha.

Three Face Rudraksha (Three Mukhi Rudraksha):
Amplification of memory power and concentration on the subject are the prime effect of this Rudraksha. It boosts the power of creative intelligence when garlanded. The wearer feels it by realizing success in his work, constructive resources, wisdom and knowledge.

Four Face Rudraksha (Four Mukhi Rudraksha):
The Four Face Rudraksha blesses wearer with creativity, communication skills and inner meditation. Wearing it prevents diseases of hypothalamus, cerebellum and medulla oblongata.

Five Face Rudraksha (Five Mukhi Rudraksha):
Wearing this Rudraksha can remove sins of various types committed through forbidden acts. It is said that wearing Five Mukhi Rudraksha is most important for all as it is blessed by Vaamdev Shiva). A wearer is honoured by Gods themselves for a long period.

Six Face Rudraksha (Six Mukhi Rudraksha):
Wearer of Six Mukhi Rudraksha gets blessed with wealth, health and happiness. The controlling planet is Venus, which signifies luxury, pleasure and comfort in life. Leaders and actors who have to perform and give speeches, etc. can derive benefit by wearing this bead.

Seven Face Rudraksha (Seven Mukhi Rudraksha):
A person wearing this Rudraksha can find hidden treasure, get increased attention from the opposite sex and destroy enemies. As this Rudraksha is also assigned to Saptamtrikas, it is considered to please Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Eight Face Rudraksha (Eight Mukhi Rudraksha):
Eight Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Ganesh. It gives the wearer an analytical mind, great understanding and good writing skills. Sins committed while telling lies get condoned by wearing this.

Nine Face Rudraksha (Nine Mukhi Rudraksha):
Nine Face Rudraksha is blessed by Goddess Durga. Sins committed by a person gets condoned by wearing this Rudraksha. It also makes a person fearless and stress-free. Wearing it is like getting one's conscience purified through fire. It also makes the wearer powerful and self-confident.

Ten Face Rudraksha (Ten Mukhi Rudraksha):
Ten Face Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Vishnu. It eliminates sufferings caused by the influence of the nine planets. This Rudraksha is also used to correct Vaastu dosh, which could adversely impact running a business. It is also very helpful in facing and solving court cases.

Eleven Face Rudraksha (Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha):
The wearer of Eleven Face Rudraksha is bestowed with oratorical and negotiation skills, self-confidence, intelligence and physical and mental power. This Rudraksha has the power to control the physical senses, make one fearless and it is therefore recommended for meditation purposes.

Twelve Face Rudraksha (Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha):
Wearing Twelve Face Rudraksha improves variety of traits in an individual, both physical and psychological which helps them to move continuously with brilliance and strength in their life. It helps in one’s personal honesty and integrity, and the ability to command respect and authority.

Thirteen Face Rudraksha (Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha):
Thirteen Face Rudraksha is blessed by Kaamdev .It is known to fulfill all the desires including perfection in alchemy, research work and medicine. It is aslo blessed by Lord Indra and as such the wearer gets the blessings of all the Devatas. It gives spiritual attainments as well as materialistic successes.

Fourteen Face Rudraksha (Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha):
It is considered as the most precious divine Rudraksha. It invokes compassionate qualities making individuals more kind to living things. It maintains good health, increases prosperity and knowledge. Wearing this Rudraksha helps in making good profits in business, shows the power and capabilities of attracting clients to business.

Fifteen Face Rudraksha (Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha):
Fifteen Face Rudraksha creates energies that impact the wearer's mind in improving intuitive, abstract and lateral thinking. In addition, the wearer finds high energy levels to put into action his thoughts and ideas leading economical progress.

Sixteen Face Rudraksha (Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha):
Its supernatural powers protect the wearer against any theft or cheating and render him victorious against his/her adversaries. It is endowed with great human virtues like good family relations, respect and fame.

Seventeen Face Rudraksha (Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha):
This Rudraksha can make the wearer rich in a short span of time. It represents Lord Vishwakarma who is an expert in crafting and creativity. The wearer not only gets sudden wealth, but spiritual powers too.

Eighteen Face Rudraksha (Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha):
The wearer of this Rudraksha remains wealthy and free of all diseases. Eighteen Face Rudraksha is recommended for those who are launching major projects, new works of any type or making a change in the business line.

Nineteen Face Rudraksha (Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha):
The possessor is bestowed with all worldly pleasures and there is no scarcity of nutrition, wealth, knowledge etc. in their life. It acts like an armor protecting wearer from blows, adversities, wrong thoughts, deeds, and the disease of the human ego, bondage of karmas, and all kinds of health problems.

Twenty Face Rudraksha (Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha):
Twenty Face Rudraksha provides protection, family growth, health, luck and success. Energies coming from it represents strength, achievement of ambitions, strong health and fame. This Rudraksha is very good for those who are finding difficulties in completing their studies.

Twenty One Face Rudraksha (Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha):
Twenty One Face Rudraksha represents Lord Kuber. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets enormous wealth. He or she does not lose his or her fortunes as long as the Rudraksha remains with him/her. All luxuries of life are available to him/her.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha:
It is good for bringing harmony in all kinds of relationship wheather family relationship or relationship around the people or working places. Peace and pleasure in family are tremendously increased. Wearing of this Rudraksha removes all planetary obstacles facing difficulty in marriage.

Savar (Nag) Rudraksha:
It is a kind of Rudraksha with long protrusion from top to bottom like snake. This Rudraksha helps to overcome varieties of problems such as lack of self-confidence, lack of energy, unknown worries,fear etc.

Trijuti Rudraksha:
It is a symbol of all the basic characteristics of the universe. It represents the complete personality and gives the wearer total control over difficult situations. It can be a very useful tool in leadership and in achieving total success.

Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha (Garb Gauri Rudraksha):
It represents Goddess Parvati and Son Ganesh. This Rudraksha is good for women who are pregnant. Wearing this Rudraksha helps to maintain the normal health of the womb. This Rudraksha helps to prevent miscarriages.

Ganesh Rudraksha:
Vibrating diamagnetic and spiritual energies emitting from it helps to protect one from any unknown negative energies. This Rudraksha has been found to boost the confidence, courage and inner strength of the wearer significantly.

Rudraksha Mala:
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