Special Items

MyDivineCart.com supplies and exports various special puja and devotional products as per customer requirement in retail and wholesale quantities. Our hot selling divine products include but not limited to Kuber Idol, Yoni Base, Kuber Pot, Kuber Lamp, Sonabathra Maha Meru, Ashtalakshmi Coin with Yantra, Ruby Shiva Lingam, Yellow Jade Shiva Lingam, Green Jade Shiva Lingam and Blue Jade Shiva Lingam.

We are specialized in selling Yantras of various dieties.

Kuber Idol:
Lord Kuber is widely known as the Lord of Wealth. Every household should have and worship the idol of Lord Kuber at home. Lord Kuber Idol is also auspicious to be worshipped at the business premises, offices and where ever money transactions are carried out. We have Lord Kuber Idol available in Brass material.

Yoni Base:
Yoni base is nothing but banalingam stand. We have a large collection of yoni base that can be used for any size of banalingam. We can supply yoni base for any of your requirement of banalingam. It is auspicious to keep the banalingam in a yoni base.

Kuber Pot:
Everyone is aware of the powers of Lord Kuber. He is the God of unexpected wealth and fortune. Worshipping Lord Kuber everyday brings good luck and wealth in an individual's life. Kuber Pot is a divine material of Lord Kuber which is believed to bestow the blessings of Lord Kuber in any form. Kuber Pot will have the impressions of His Charan Paduka inside the pot. Lord Kuber will have His presence at the devotee's house.

Sonabathra Maha Meru:
Mahameru is a 3D representation of the Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra. It bestows success in all actions. It is the source for attaining all wordly desires. It bestows wealth and prosperity. This is worshipped for all purposes. We sell Maha Meru in Sonabathra red stone. This is the most powerful one for attaining success in all actions.

Kuber Lamp:
Lord Kuber, who is the Lord of Wealth, should be prayed and worshipped in every home. Our Kuber Lamp is an auspicious divine material that helps the devotee to get the blessings of Lord of Wealth. Kuber Lamp is also known as Vaastu Lamp. Lighting this lamp at home or any where corrects the ill effects of planetary positions and bring backs prosperity. This lamp will have the image of Lord Kuber on one side, while the other side will have His divine yantra.

Ashtalakshmi Coin with Yantra:
Goddess Ashtalakshmi is an all-in-one form of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Our Ashtalakshmi Coin Yantra Set consists of energized Ashtalakshmi coin and copper yantra. It is believed that keeping this set in the puja room and worshipping it daily brings good fortune, wealth, good health, free from fear and prosperity. It is auspicious and beneficial to keep this Ashtalakshmi Coin Yantra Set in all the places where money transactions are carried out.

Ruby Shiva Lingam:
Ruby Stone is a protective stone that offers preserved health and invulnerability to the devotee. Original Ruby stones are known to inspire creativity, wisdom and love, and bring forth spirituality and confidence. We sell and supply Ruby Shiva Lingam in various sizes.

Yellow Jade Shiva Lingam:
Yellow Jade keeps harm away from the those who posses it. It attracts good luck and enables self sufficiency. It helps with releasing emotions and is considered a "dream stone". It brings happiness and joy, and teaches the connection between all living beings. We sell and supply Yellow Jade Shiva Lingam in various sizes.

Green Jade Shiva Lingam:
Green Jade prevents illness while on holiday, is beneficial for those traveling alone, and protects children and pets from straying or being hurt while on a journey. We sell and supply Green Jade Shiva Lingam in various sizes.

Blue Jade Shiva Lingam:
Blue Jade is a stone of wisdom, loved by sound healers who utilize drums, bells, rattles or voice healing. For those struggling with Reiki or other touch therapies, Blue Jade can usually provide a breakthrough in understanding. We sell and supply Blue Jade Shiva Lingam in various sizes.

We accept orders in bulk quantities. Special price for trusts, temples, wholesalers and for donations.
Due to our customers requests, our divine database will soon have more products.